G.A.T.A. IV Participates in the SA RoHawks Tournament and posts a 3 and 1 record, June 8-10th, 2007

G.A.T.A. IV wins all three of it's seeding games earning a high seed and a 1st round bye in a tournament that featured 15 local and regional teams.

G.A.T.A. IV got a second shot at the SA Next Level, a team they previously played in an Austin Gym Rats tournament. This time the playing field was “Leveled” and G.A.T.A. IV posted an easy 19-point margin of victory. The second game featured the Houston Gulf Coast Blue Chips a team that G.A.T.A. IV played twice last season and split games. G.A.T.A. IV posted a strong win against the talented Chips beating them 46-39. In the last seeding game, G.A.T.A. IV matched-up against a talented and well-coached SA Roadrunner team. G.A.T.A. IV sustained a good pressure defense and a well-executed offense to win 47-34.

After earning a first round bye G.A.T.A. IV faced a tall and talented Houston Vipers team in the quarterfinals. G.A.T.A. IV jumped to an early double-digit lead and held it throughout the first half. The Vipers made their run midway through the second half and closed the gap. The lead then changed with every change of possession with the Vipers hanging on to secure a 4-point margin of victory ending G.A.T.A. IV's tournament run.

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