G.A.T.A. IV participates in the 14th Annual Houston Kingwood Classic, April 18 thru 20, 2008

G.A.T.A. IV seeds 1st in it's pool and plays the tournament host - Houston Hoops in the first round of bracket play. G.A.T.A. IV begins pool play by defeating a familiar team - The San Antonio Mustangs. G.A.T.A. IV handed the SA Mustangs their second loss of the tournament and sent them to the 3rd spot and the Silver tournament bracket. The herd did come ready to play and gave G.A.T.A. a good run but at the end G.A.T.A. handed them their second straight head to head loss for the 2008 season.

The second game had G.A.T.A. IV squaring off against a Dallas team - Run and Gun. G.A.T.A. IV fell behind early and struggled to keep up with the pace in the first half. After making a defensive adjustment (1-3-1 to a 3-2 zone) G.A.T.A. IV soon discovered that the Run and Gun team would have trouble finding the hoop from the outside. G.A.T.A. IV’s run was fed by a good inside/outside offense that proved to be the deciding factor. G.A.T.A. IV takes the win and the number one seed heading in the Platinum tournament bracket.

G.A.T.A. IV makes the top tier bracket for the first time in it’s last three tournament outings (06, 07, and 08). Looking to advance G.A.T.A. IV runs into the tournament host - The Houston Hoops. The Hoops proved to be to much and handed them their first loss and ends G.A.T.A. IV’s tournament run.

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