G.A.T.A. IV Participates in the Texas Spring Showcase, Dallas, TX - April 25-27,2008

GATA IV captures the number one seed and plays in the platinum division in a Vision Sports event for the second time this year. GATA opens pool play on a Friday late night game (10:00pm) and scores a victory against a talented Dallas Team - The Texas Hoopsters.

After recovering from the late night game GATA IV faced a very talented and big Oklahoma Team - The Magic. This team had good perimeter players, as well as talented bigs that rebounded very well. GATA IV's quick pace and high percentage shooting proved to be the difference earning them an easy win.

Claiming the number one seed GATA IV moves to the Platinum Division to face a Bryan College Station team - The Texas Ambassadors. This game went down to the wire with GATA IV leading almost the entire game up unitl the final minute and half. GATA IV got in foul trouble losing two starters with four minutes remaining and a seven point lead to defend. At the end GATA lost it's lead and lost the match by four point. Turn-overs and foul trouble ended GATA's run to win the platinum division.

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