G.A.T.A. IV wins the USSSA/Texas Gym Rats San Antonio Shootout Tournament, May 31- Jun 1, 2008

G.A.T.A. IV plays a in Round Robin against the SA Roadrunners, Del Rio Horns, SV Rangers and the SA Celtics finishing with a perfect 4-0 record to take the 1st place spot.

G.A.T.A. IV claims it's first win of the tournament against the SA Roadrunners (54-46). Having fallen behind by as much as 15 points G.A.T.A. IV picked up the pace in the closing 8 minutes and over takes the birds with a strong man-to-man defensive effort combined with high percentage shooting from the charity line. The second match-up was a run away with G.A.T.A. IV claiming an easy victory over the Del Rio Horns (62-17).

Next up on the schedule was a team G.A.T.A. IV had not played before - The Smithson Valley Rangers. The Rangers showcased a strong perimeter scoring game that helped them stay close in the first half. After making a defensive adjustment to their perimeter attack G.A.T.A. IV cruised to a 20 plus point advantage and handed the Rangers their second loss of the tournament (53-30).

Needing one more win to clinch the top spot G.A.T.A. IV would have to beat the SA Celtics. Earlier this season the Celtics claimed a narrow victory over G.A.T.A. IV, so this was not only for the 1st place finish, but also to avenge that earlier loss. G.A.T.A. IV wins the match-up by holding off the Celtics strong inside game and accurate shooting beyond the arc (39-37).

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