G.A.T.A. IV's Performance "Legendary"

G.A.T.A. IV begins group play playing back-to-back games, with the first game pitting G.A.T.A. IV against a well coached and tall Austin ATX team. G.A.T.A. IV starts out slow allowing ATX to take an 8-0 lead. After settling down G.A.T.A. IV takes a large lead letting the reserve close out the game 49-29. The second game was a rematch with the Texas Gym Rats, with the same results. G.A.T.A. IV posted 55 to the Gym Rats 30.

The last group play game had G.A.T.A. IV playing the Boerne Roadrunners, a well coached and talented team. G.A.T.A. IV takes control quickly and lets the reserves closeout the game. G.A.T.A. IV posted 52 points to the Roadrunner 29.

G.A.T.A. IV takes the number one seed setting up the first bracket play game against a fourth seed Kerrville team, the Kerrville Legends. G.A.T.A. IV quickly takes a large lead and begins a running clock situation. G.A.T.A. IV reserves build on the lead and closes out the Legends 59-17.

G.A.T.A. IV moves to the semi-finals to play the Austin CTX Warriors, an athletic team that liked to shoot from beyond the arc. G.A.T.A. IV again takes a large lead and looked to the reserves to close out the game. G.A.T.A. IV posted 52 points to the Warriors 39.

G.A.T.A. IV plays the San Antonio Legends for the first place spot.  A very athletic and tall team, the legends looked to shoot from beyond the arc as their primary scoring option testing G.A.T.A. IV’s defensive reach. After allowing the Legends to go on a small run, G.A.T.A. IV closes out the half leading by two points (19-17). G.A.T.A. IV settles down and shuts down the Legends perimeter game allowing them only 8 points in the second half. G.A.T.A. IV closes out the Legends posting 37 points the Legends 25.

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